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#13327961 Jul 01, 2017 at 06:53 PM
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Hi i'm Luca , nice to meet you ,I love play healers , i have 2 main healers 1 monk mw and 1 resto shaman , i wanna do progress with both characters and i'm looking for a guild like yours. -ù

My main spec is healer for both characters

is faster if i tell u how to change items and legendary but I'll do it here for you guys.

i have 12 legendary items as healer (resto shaman) :in this moment I'm using more times PRYDAZ/RING FARSEER x 2 talents (cbt+echo) / VELEN TRINK / LEGS / HANDS / sometime FEET

I have also all bags full of items to keep my stats at the same % for every change of my legendary items (28/30%CRIT-12/16%HASTE-115/130%MAST)

my trinket in use are:Aetreus Map - Velen legend - Chalice of moonlight . urne of kharazam - helya melm - promises - cake

I could stay here 1 hour to explain you what I'd use at every boss but i'll try to resume this question.

I have 4 new items of my set and have also legendary ring so i'm using 3-2-1-2-2-2+3-3

but for GULDAN for example i use legs/prydaz/velen with talents:1-2-1-2-2-2+3-1
cause ascendance+cbt help me to heal party faster from hard and instant damages , a lot of times CBT is my 1° font of healings.

HANDS+LEGS/FEET legend with talents :2-2-1-3-2-2+3-3
once i would choose CBT and UNLEASH LIFE more times but now i can have always cbt+echo and new set suggest me to empower my RIPTIDE .

a lot of new bosses till now have continuous damages and i think for those type of damages would be better use more those talents .

different is for the FALLEN AVATAR cause alla party is really spread and I change all trinkets / legends and some talents like TRILLIAX al party spread need max aoe healings

I'll explain to you better on voice .

MONK MW :i have 8 legendary items but i usually use :VELEN-PRYDAZ-BRACERS-LEGS-FEET(10%+ vivify and 1 more target for vivify) i have all equip to play it CRIT MASTERY or CRIT VERSA
but i like play it more MASTERY with new set and new legendary items a lot of monks will begin to play it also mastery.

I wanna you to know monk is a bit low than shaman cause i didn't find a good guild with right hours of raiding to increase his potentiality.

But i think in this patch will be GREAT .

So don't stop your sight only at logs but at what i wanna do with that character.

I love HEALERS and i wanna play only healers and i can BET with same gear , i would do same healings.

I play monk in a different style i use more vivify than font of essence , i use jade breezing spirit when group is packed and GRU talent when grp is spread.

Let me know if u are interested in me or not bb have fun

#13355204 Jul 18, 2017 at 12:00 PM · Edited 10 months ago
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I don't know if you've noticed, but this is a swedish only guild and since you haven't been able to read our rules, i'm declining you. Thanks for the interest tho, good luck
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